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Project assignments

Digital Reading for Children

Transbook Project

Transbook is a European initiative to promote the digital transition and internationalisation of the children’s publishing industry. Transbook is co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and operated by seven European partners from the children’s publishing industry.


  • Three complementary goals of Transbook are to:

    - Encourage authors, artists and other professionals to adopt new creative practices and economic models

    - Help young artists in their careers

    - Foster innovative ways of connecting people with literature

  • Transbook works with everyone in children’s publishing:

    authors, illustrators, publishers, art directors and other book industry professionals such as children’s book fair organizers, booksellers and librarians.

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Transbook is an initiative of seven European partners from the children’s publishing industry. Partners organise certain Transbook events in their countries.

ABC - Art Basics for Children

ABC - Art Basics for Children (Brussels, BELGIUM)

ABC is an experimental laboratory for art and education projects and develops innovative tools for libraries, schools, cultural centres, prisons and refugee camps. It has a children’s library of over 12,000 titles, 2,650 of which have been digitised.

Europäische Kinder - und Jugendbuchmesse

Europäische Kinder - und Jugendbuchmesse (Saarbrücken, GERMANY)

The European Children’s Book Fair showcases trends in European publishing and e-literature for a young French-German audience, with 35 international exhibitors, 150 events and 10,000 visitors over four days.

Hamelin Associazione Culturale

Hamelin Associazione Culturale (Bologna, Italy)

This association promotes culture among children and teens via literature, comics, illustration and film, by organising workshops, conferences and courses. Hamelin also hosts BilBOlBul, an international comic book festival, and takes part in Xanadu, a nation-wide literary project in Italy.

Literárne Informačné Centrum

Literárne Informačné Centrum (Bratislava, SLOVAKIA)

The Literary Information Centre was founded by the Slovak Ministry of Culture to federate and promote Slovak literature. The Centre also hosts seminars, meetings and international conferences for professionals in publishing and animated film.


Nobrow (London, UNITED KINGDOM)

Nobrow Press is specialised in comic books, graphic novels and albums for adults and children via their subsidiary, Flying Eye Books. Nobrow hosts the annual East London Comics & Art Festival (ELCAF) celebrating graphic and visual storytelling.


Tantàgora (Barcelona, SPAIN)

Tantàgora is a crossdisciplinary forum for the creation, production and sharing of innovative literary formats and promotes all forms of literature and the visual arts for all types of readers. Tantàgora also hosts the FLIC, an annual literary and arts festival for children.

Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse

Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse (Montreuil, FRANCE)

With over 400 exhibitors, 161,000 visitors and 700 events, the Montreuil Children’s Book Fair brings together a diverse range of children’s literature and formats. The Children’s Book School offers courses in literary mediation for professionals working with children and develops new ways – digital and hands-on – of engaging with literature.

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  • Encouraging authors, artists and other professionals to adopt new creative practices and economic models


    From Paper to Screen conferences present the innovation and changes taking place in the children’s publishing industry in its transition to digital formats, with the aim of familiarising professionals with new technological, creative and economic realities and helping them adapt to new market demands.

  • International and interprofessional market of Creation for Children (MÏCE)

    The MÏCE is an international, interprofessional forum where participants can buy and sell rights, share tips and prospect. The MÏCE promotes cooperation across creative industries working with transmedia.

  • Helping young artists in their careers

    Springboard meetings

    Springboard meetings offer young art school graduates entering the job market the chance to meet art directors in creative industries and children’s publishing.

  • Masterclasses

    Master classes invite famous artists to share their experiences and present their work to expand artistic and narrative horizons through the use of transmedia creation.

  • Mobility Programme

    The Mobility Programme allows young artists to travel in Europe and promote their work outside their country of origin.

  • Fostering innovative ways of connecting people with literature


    The Symposium, for children’s literature structures and festival planners, aims to expand the international reach and transmedia content of their programming.

  • Seminars

    Seminars offer skill building opportunities for people who work with children and aim to enhance literary outreach activities for marginalised children.

  • A European Exhibition

    A European Exhibition on the theme of ‘literature on the move’, incorporating paper and digital formats, will be hosted by our different European partners (with the exception of Belgium) as a way to connect children and teenagers with European literature.

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Ambassadors’ Role

8 ambassadors have been tasked with increasing readership and improving perceptions of children’s literature, which is too often disregarded or viewed as a sub-genre. Given their experience, the international scope of their careers and transmedia components of their work, these artists are excellent representatives of children’s literature.

Atak (Germany)

Illustrator and graphic designer.


Kitty Crowther (Belgium)

Author and illustrator

Steven Guarnaccia (United States)

Graphic designer and illustrator


Icinori (France)

Duo illustrators composed of Mayumi Otero and Raphael Urwiller


Joëlle Jolivet (France)



Benjamin Lacombe (France)



Ben Newman (United-Kingdom)



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