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Closing conference of the European cooperation project Transbook

Launched in 2014 to promote the digital transition and internationalisation of the children’s publishing industry, the Transbook European project has reached its end. A closing conference was set up on June 11 to review its highlights.

This event involved participation from the 7 European project partners. It gave participants the opportunity to share the on-going results over the four-years period during which we have built a network on issues related to digital transition and internationalization of children’s literature.

Transbook has developed from 2014 to 2018 a program of actions around three main priorities :

- encouraging the development of new business models and modes of creation;

- boosting the careers of creators;

- promoting the uptake of innovative mediation practices.

By organizing around 170 events on a European scale with 80 involved artists, Transbook has created a strong professional network focusing on new cultural and creative contents for children, the digital stories, and exploring future development paths for children’s literature.

In four years, Transbook has developed a programme with partners in six European Union countries and the United Kingdom to promote authors’ mobility and their careers as well as to encourage professionals in book publishing, video games, cinema, and television to become involved in the creation of digital children’s literature.

The aim of the conference was to present the tangible results and lessons learned thus far in the project and to open new paths for continuing the work already underway.

At the end of the meeting we took the opportunity to ask a few questions to Nicola Bardola, a german journalist, about what he thought of the Transbook project :