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Transbook - Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2018

For the last year of the Transbook project and working in close collaboration with Hamelin, we had planned a beautiful program for the 55th edition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Transbook Seminar on Book Mediation : 

To explore the state of development of digital tools in children’s literature, Hamelin and Transbook had brought together a panel of experts from different backgrounds. On stage, Sylvie Vassallo, director of Montreuil Children’s book fair, Sophie Van der Linden, picture books specialist, Aksel Køie, editor of Step In Books, and the authors Vincent Godeau and Agathe Demois, winners of a special mention at the Bologna Digital Award 2018 with "Cache-Cache Ville/Hide & Seek City" (Seuil Jeunesse).

Transbook Symposium for Programmers :

As a crowning final, a focus on three successful digital projects has been organized :

As a first step, a discussion with Ben Newman. The British illustrator behind "Astro Cat" discussed the origins of the project, his influences and the complementarity between "Astro Cat" books and apps.

Nadia Budde, the German illustrator of "One, two, three, me" was at the digital café, to talk about how she has adapted her working approach to transform her book into an app.

Frédéric Gauthier, one of the founders of the publishing house "La Pastèque" showcased "Tout Garni". A cross platform project that has been launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "La Pastèque". It has been welcomed as one of the most inspiring creative writing projects of 2017.

The artists from the Transbook mobility program in the limelight :

- Marion Bataille : 

The french illustrator was there to celebrate the 30th birthday of "Les Trois Ourses", she also took part to a masterclass at the illustrators survival corner. 

- Kitty Crowther : 

Kitty Crowther had also made the trip to Bologna. She participated to an intimist reading session in Italian in a little book shop of Bologna. A delightful time ! 

- Katsumi Komagata : 

The legendary illustrator shared his incredible with young artists through a passionate masterclass

- Chris Riddell : 

The British illustrator has also attended the Bologna children’s book fair. It was an honor for all those who had the opportunity to witness his workshop.