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Mar. 26th - 29th, 2018Symposium for programmers

Bologna children’s book fair : Transbook symposium 2018

With over 50 years of experience the fair is a key event in children’s book publishing. Over the past few years it opened to the digital evolution of children’s literature. This thematic will be explored through three events set up in partnership with Transbook.

From March 26th to 29th, 2018, publishers, illustrators, graphic designers, literary agents, authors, translators, mobile developers will get together at Bologna to share their experiences and points of view.

For the 55th edition of the fair, the organiser of the event has planned an exceptional program. International development with China as guest of honour bringing new exhibitions and events but also a focus on digital projects. 

On this occasion, Hamelin will organize the fourth and last edition of the Transbook symposium for programmers that is structured around three events.

As a first step, a discussion with Ben Newman on Monday March 26th. The British illustrator behind Astro Cat will discuss the origins of the project and the complementarity between Astro Cat books and apps. 

On Tuesday March 27th, Nadia Budde, the German illustrator of "One, two, three, me" will be at the digital café. 
It will be the occasion to talk about how she has adapted her working approach to transform her book into an app. 

Finally, on March 28th, Frédéric Gauthier, one of the founders of the publishing house "La Pastèque" will present "Tout Garni".  A cross platform project that has been launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "La Pastèque". 
It has been welcomed as one of the most inspiring creative writing projects of 2017.  

PASCAL BLANCHET - La Pastèque- from joannie lafreniere on Vimeo.